Terms of Service

Copyright: Photographer owns the copyright in any and all photos he/she takes pursuant to federal copyright law (Title 17, Chapter 2, §201-02, of the United States Code.) Any and all photographs produced in connection with Katy in Design, LLC are expressly and solely owned by Photographer to use in the reasonable course of business. Photographer may use and display photograph(s) for Photographer’s reasonable marketing activities.

Use Violation Fee:

Failure to comply to the licensing restrictions on digital downloads will result in a violation fee of $200 per misused image and suspension of future event photography by Katy in Design until said fee is paid. Repeat violations may result in being put on our “Do not photograph” list.

Prohibited Uses of Photographs:

• Any resale of the photographs through direct or indirect means, including, but not limited to: selling the photos as stock photography; selling or allowing use of the photos by a third party such as a corporation or advertiser.

 Any illegal assignment of Photographer’s work, such as allowing third party use of a photograph on-line or in print without attribution.

• Any use of photographs, personally or otherwise, which does not include attribution to Katy In Design LLC.

• Client expressly agrees not to produce derivative works of Photographer’s property, such as, but not limited to, photographs of a photograph, scans into a computer, unauthorized photo collages or other works that incorporate a substantial portion of Photographer’s property in a way that distorts or denigrates the photograph’s high resolution.

• Any use deemed unreasonable or defamatory, at the discretion of Photographer.

• Any retouched or further edits of photographs that materially alters the composition of the photograph, such as by applying filters, changing the colors or other means of degradation, as determined by Photographer.

• Client will not purposefully try to hide or otherwise conceal attribution to Photographer, such as by printing attribution in such small print or font that the source of the photograph is not readily apparent to the reasonable viewer.

• Client expressly agrees not to screenshot or reproduce on-line proofs.


**Please note, all non-commercial digitals & prints come with our signature on them.**